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About Mighty Community Group

MCG’s first Community Web Portal (CWP) started in 1999 from the idea that if people only knew what was available in their own backyard, they would buy and stay local. The issue then, and still today, is: “How can small businesses and small communities survive in an economy where growth is focused toward big business and big communities, with big advertising budgets?”

MCG developed, and is still evolving, its CWP software to put businesses and communities online and address these issues. The result not only promotes growth from within but attracts new investment and visitors.

MCG puts customers first in their priorities and decision making. They are a business known for their serving spirit and constantly asking how they can change to better serve their customers. Their positive beliefs and values are shared throughout their products and suggestions are welcome.

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Feel free to give us a call during office hours, or send us a message using our contact form. We aim to respond to all queries from our site within 24 hours.

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