Bring Your Community Together Online

Does your town suffer from having too many websites? We’ve seen it before.

Its time to focus. Provide one central location for residents and visitors to find what’s going on in your city or town. A Community Web Portal pulls together all the business listings, organizations, churches, community events, photos, classifieds, yard sales and more into a single, attractive and user-friendly website.

By showcasing the business, services, organizations and “vibe” of your community, you help to attract new businesses, investors, residents and opportunities to the area.

  • everything in one place   • easy to find   • up-to-date   • mobile friendly

Events, Photos and Classifieds – Engage Your Community!

Community Pride An awesome community portal creates a sense of community pride and encourages resident participation through user-generated content  – uploading photos, adding events and yard sales, submitting groups to be listed, etc.

It won’t be long before your new community portal is the online hub for all things happening in your area! The more content is added, the more the portal will show up in search results (i.e. Google, Bing).

Share content with community partners Our plug-ins can be enabled on partner sites such as tourism and business associations, organizations and smaller sub-communities, villages, etc. so events and listings can be shared and populated throughout your community/region.

Community Directory – Discover what’s in your backyard.

Make it easy for people to find local products, services, groups and organizations by offering them a complimentary Profile Listing on the portal.  It includes a description, hours, contact info and map showing their location.  This ties in nicely with your shop local campaign!

Search Engine Friendly  The portal has an internal search making all the listings easy to find. The Profile Listings are also search engine friendly meaning they are easily found by people doing Google searches.

Cancellations and Alerts

The general public and municipal staff can quickly add an alert to the website in case of emergencies, for cancellations due to snowstorms, road closures, or any other urgent public announcement that needs to be posted quickly.  Anyone coming onto the portal will see the alert across the screen the first time they open it, and all alerts are accessible through a designated tab.

Admin Panel

Database Management Made Easy  What truly makes MCG’s Community Web Portal unique is the easy to administer, database driven back-end.

From here you can manage all the content on the portal:

  • add, remove, and update the community listings, categories and sectors
  • approve events, yard sales, classifieds and photos as they are added by the public.
  • add advertising banners to promote specific community festivals and events
  • manage cancellations and alerts.