Miramichi’s internet traffic soars(CWP)

MCG announces that August visits to the Miramchi community web portal (CWP) MightyMiramichi.com website were at an all-time high  . .

Mighty Community Group is excited to announce that August visits to the Miramichi community web portal (CWP) MightyMiramichi.com website were at an all-time high with 253,235 visits.

“We started the Miramichi Community website so people could learn about events and other businesses in their own back yard,” says Matchett. “The Miramichi region is quite spread out geographically and what we found out was people didn’t realize the services that were available from one end of the region to the other or in the next community down the road.”

Community portals such as MightyMiramichi.com are a proven way to promote a community, by providing an online presence where everything is marketed collectively at one location. Repeat traffic generators such as a community calendar, funeral announcements, real estate listings, used cars for sale, classifieds, and daily restaurant specials ensure a recurring stream of web visitors to the portal, who will then visit the websites of local businesses listed.

Inquiries made through MightyMiramichi.com come from new residents, tourists, people moving to the area, and potential business investors checking out the region. Regardless of where they are from, more traffic to MightyMiramichi.com means more people are virtually visiting our region, searching for businesses, products & services, and potentially dropping by in-person.